Installing IronPdf

Developer Notice: The Pdf Library Installation Guide Has Moved.

For Microsoft Visual Studio Users - the easiest way to install IronPdf is using the NuGet Package Manager.

PM> Install-Package IronPdf

Using NuGet

  • Right click on your project in Visual Studio ‘Solution Explorer’
  • Select “Manage Nuget Packages…”
  • In the Search Box Type “IronPDF”
  • Select The “IronPdf” package to your lower left.
  • Click the “Install” button your right.

For more info you can also find us at:

Manual Installation

  • Download IronPdf as DLL from
  • Extract the DLL to a logical location inside your project (or GAC for advanced users)
  • In Visual Studio ‘Solution Explorer’”:
    • Right click on your project and choose Add > Reference….
    • Select ‘Browse…’ and then find IronPDF.dll and double click on it.